Mitsubishi A700 inverter

The A700 is a high-performance, multi-function drive suitable for standard AC motors.

We carry a range of the A700 inverter in stock and can offer short lead times or suitable alternatives to any that are out of stock.

Specification below:

Model Number Motor Power Rated Current Unit Price
380-440V 3ph input
FR-A740-00023-EC 0.4kW 2.3A £POA
FR-A740-00038-EC 0.75kW 3.8A £POA
FR-A740-00052-EC 1.5kW 5.2A £POA
FR-A740-00083-EC 2.2kW 8.3A £POA
FR-A740-00126-EC 3.7kW 12.6A £POA
FR-A740-00170-EC 5.5kW 17A £POA
FR-A740-00250-EC 7.5kW 25A £POA
FR-A740-00310-EC 11kW 31A £POA
FR-A740-00380-EC 15kW 38A £POA
FR-A740-00470-EC 18.5kW 47A £POA
FR-A740-00620-EC 22kW 62A £POA

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