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GEC, Cegelec, Alsom Alspa

Many motor controls have been sold under brand lables. Below the inverters have been sold as GEC, Cegelec, Alstom, Control Techniques, Lenze, AEG. Many of the companies have been bought out merged with others or otherwise restructured thier bussiness. Therefore much of the service is now carried out by indepent companies like ourselves. Companies such as GEC, Cegelec, Alstom, Control Techniques, Lenze, AEG no longer support these old products. We can offer full repair and service for all GEC, Cegelec and Alstom inverters, DC drives & soft starters current or obsolete.

Below are some of the GEC, Cegelec and Alstom inverter drives, DC drives & soft starts we have repaired or replaced:

Alspa MV500 inverter

Alspa MV1000 inverter

Alspa MV3000e inverter

Alspa MD2000 inverter

Alspa GD2000 inverter

Alspa GD3000 inverter

Alspa GD4000 inverter

AEG Microverter D inverter

AEG Muliverter inverter

Alspa VF2000E & VF3000 inverter

VF microconverter inverter

VF Slimline inverter

AEG Miniverter D inverter

AEG Monoverter 1, 2, D inverter

Alspa VFTA, VFTL, VFTV inverter

Alspa VNTC, WNTC dc drive

Alspa DC3000

Alspa micro 2, micro 3 dc drive

Microsemi, Minisemi, Midisemi, Maxisemi dc drive

Alspa DNTA soft start

Gemdrive Mk I, Mk II

Gemdrive Micro 2 DC Drive

Gemdrive S161

Gemdrive Axis MK2SB

Gemdrive SL

Gemini APSH

Some of these products have been sold under other brands such as

GEC, Cegelec, Alstom, Lenze, Moeller, Control Techniques

If you require any other specification please contact us.

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